Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shoe issues

My husband wanted a pull up bar so I'm in the sports store and decide to try on some shoes. It's amazing how you can not realize how worn out your shoes are until you try on new ones! I never notice that I can feel the ground until I try on new shoes and feel how much more padded they are! So I bought the same brand of shoes as my last ones, Saucony, just one or two generations newer. Same size and everything.

Today was an 8 miler with some sprints mixed in. Another not so great run :P First, I really should have started earlier so it wasn't so HOT. Again, I should have eaten more than a banana... slow learner I guess. And lastly, I should have chosen a shorter run to try out my new pair of shoes. Three miles in and the toes on my right foot were on fire and had that "falling asleep" sensation. I loosened my laces as far as I could at the toe end, took my foot out of my shoe long enough to let all the feeling come back and tried again. Couple more miles and I couldn't stand it anymore. This time I loosened the top, toward my ankle as far as it could go without falling off my foot and finished up the eight miles... that seemed to do the trick. Still not comfortable, but at least I didn't feel like crying anymore lol.

I've had a problem with my right foot falling asleep before, when horseback riding. I went through this whole thing of changing my stirrups, changing the way I was riding, changing my shoes, etc., but never really got consistent relief. Now because I'm getting the same thing when I run I'm narrowing it down to one thing SHOES and two possible problems... the toe area isn't wide enough or the laces hit a nerve up by my ankle when they're tied. I don't think Big 5 is going to take my shoes back after running 8 miles in them so I guess I'm stuck with them... that was an expensive mistake :P

Two slow, not great runs in a row... I am in desperate need of one of those amazing runs that makes me feel on top of the world afterwards and where I remember why I'm doing this to myself lol. I did, however, wear different clothes and a new sports bra which didn't chafe. But of course, my old ones didn't chafe on 8 milers either, so whether that was a good purchase or not remains to be seen I guess.

Off to do some bench sitting watching my daughter in her gymnastics class, but looking forward to getting back home to take care of my poor little piggies!

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